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On November 4 AfterHalloween 2017 took place in Moscow — a costumed art performance and ball-mystery from the creators of the acclaimed Midsummer Night’s Dream festival.

A theater-music art project was held in the deep interactive format. The guests, among which Tata Bondarchuk, Anton Lavrentyev, Regina Todorenko, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Masha Tsigal, Maria Lemesheva, Pavel Derevianko, Aisa Dolmatova, Margo Trushina and Salavat Timiryasov, Alexei Shved, Ekaterina Konisevich were seen —  determined the plot twists and the reactions to the happening themselves.

The ball of illusions captured all the floors of «Standart» design hotel on Strastnoy Boulevard — cult figures were unconsciously recognized by guests. The main theme this year was the retrofuristic aesthetics of the late 1920s and early 1930s, inspired by the novel «The Great Gatsby» by Francis Fitzgerald and «The Master and Margarita» by Mikhail Bulgakov; Mexican All Saints Day set the mood, supported by the headliners — Mayan Warrior, one of the leading teams of the Burning Man festival. Among the participants were also the organizers of the Robot Heart art community -Benjamin Alexander and Swamy. Electronic music has filled the event with a special rhythm — not only for dancing, but also for dynamic movement through spaces, while interchanging with live performances, poems and opera in certain zones.

Organizers have long moved away from the traditional Halloween «pumpkinness» — in their mind, this is a family holiday, a time of reunion with the departed spirits of friends and loved ones, and sometimes also those not at all familiar, but well-known and respected. For instance, one dress code variation was dead celebrities, and one of the spaces was dedicated to «Club 27», which gathered once brilliant Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, coexisting with the characters of the cult works. This time the competition was composed of Tupac Shakur, B.I.G., Donna Summer and even Ella Fitzgerald. These and other images were created with the help of the Make Up Forever team, the official make-up artists of the event. Wella Professionals emphasized the symbols of the avant-garde of the twenties in the hairstyles of guests and actors.

Emotional, mysterious decorations and installations, complementing the atmosphere, were created by the famous master – a Moscow artist-decorator Roman Kovalishin. Art Residence presented their own secret room with a minimalistic audio performance. One after another opened their doors the Bad Apartment, the boudoirs of Bulgakov’s Margarita and Marlene Dietrich, Hemingway’s room, and even the Gatsby lounge, visited by Woland in search of the Master’s beloved.

The heroes of the evening were treated to the legendary Bacardi rum and based on it classic cocktails of the 30s. At the end of the mystery Gett taxi became the guests’ guide back into real life, so that the next morning only an exciting uncertainty remained – was everything that happened a dream or reality?

Chief director: Zhu Montvilaite

Organizers: Rise Entertainment dream team & Simiram

AfterHalloween © ¨ Rise Entertainment

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