Dress Code 2017

//Dress Code 2017

Dress Code 2017

With great enthusiasm we are preparing surprises and performances for you. With no less enthusiasm, however, we are awaiting surprises from you — your costumes. Without them, no theatrical activities work, the magic of the evening does not happen, and the entrance to the ball is impossible even with a ticket. The image is everything, to put it shortly.

Therefore, we are offering our style guide for AfterHalloween-2017. It will help you make a choice, and the individual albums will provide you with detailed illustrations. For now you may simply choose, which of the stylistic themes of the evening is closest to you.

We have chosen three visual inspirations for each of the options. They are collected in the album in the same order they are listed here. Make the right choice! We hope that you enjoy the process of creating your image — without it the evening will not be complete.

— If romanticism seems a rich topic to you: choose the macabre chic of expensive hotels; each of them has exciting dark stories, attracting the luxurious beauty of the otherworld. At StandArt Hotel Moscow we write the story ourselves, that’s why a black-tie, condensed romantic darkness and make-up will suit this evening perfectly.

— If the other world seems no less of a fun place to you than this one: choose costumes in the style of the Mexican Dias de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This beautiful aesthetics reminds us in the most joyful form of the fact that the same ending awaits everyone, no doubt. Magnificent painted skulls and colorful Latin American costumes of the beginning of the century meet here.

— If thoughts of the future seem appropriate to you even during a celebration: choose fantastic outfits in the style of artists of the 20s. Retro futurism will become the main theme of the evening, the fantasies in which we live now and dreamt by science fiction writers a century ago, will come to life. The style of the first images of robots and people of the future is difficult to replicate, but quite interesting.

— If the creative impulse seems more important to you than thoughts of the perishable: choose the style of futurists of the beginning of the century. You will certainly find your inspiration among the numerous trends of innovators of the time, from the rayonnant to the constructivists, and will feel very matural amidst the performances of this night.

— If the ability to appreciate the elegant seems the main difference to you between a living person and a dead one: choose the style of the 20s and enhance the «dark» side of the makeup of that time. At our feast Woland will meet with Gatsby, why not reflect it in your costume.

— If it’s important for you to remain famous even after death: choose the image of the glorified dead. All our guests play first roles, that is the idea of a deep theater interaction, after all… but you can feel more «primary» representing a celebrity of the past among celebrities of the past.

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